Safety Audit

Safety Audit

Project designs are important. But how do you know that they are being safely implemented on the ground?

A safety audit will help you determine how well health and safety measures are being complied with at your project site. It’s crucial that structures and procedures are in line with existing regulations, and do not raise substantial risks to health and physical wellbeing. By conducting a safety audit, you get on the proactive side of things and ensure that potential risks are identified and mitigated.

Why You Need an Independent Safety Auditor to Work on Your Project
Safety issues can be delicate and hard to deal with. And without a skilled independent observer, the risks that exist on-site may not be noticed by parties with a vested interest in the project.
What Our Consultants Will Do for You
Having a safety auditor to work with your team will remove the possible bias that may exist in audits conducted by in-house personnel.
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