Organisers of Lagos State petroleum Makerters Safety Conference 2018 at Victoria island Lagos.

The Lagos State Petroleum Marketers Safety Conference (LSPMSC) 2018 now Oil & Gas Downstream Safety Conference (OGDSC) is organised by J. Bendeb Sylmar Associates Limited in partnership with the Lagos State Safety Commission to inspire a paradigm shift in safety management practices amongst petroleum marketers. Themed Enhancing Productivity in Handling Petroleum Products: The Imperative Of Safety […]

10 Safety Golden Rules in the office

There are many cases of incident and accident in the construction sites even in the offices as a result of not adhering to safety precautions. Below are 10 golden rules to help us work in safely.   Use the required and prescribed PPE for the job. Unsafe acts/conditions should be reported. You See You Act. […]

5 Safety Construction Tips for Your Workers’ Well-Being

Construction worksites are an incredibly dangerous place to be. There are many safety hazards around every corner. This is why it is so important that workers at these sites know and follow safety rules set forth by you. To keep the workplace a safe environment, use these five helpful tips. 1. Getting In and Out […]

J. Bendeb Sylmar Associates Limited at its voluntary/ community service again on traffic control

J. Bendeb Sylmar Associates Limited at its voluntary/ community service again on traffic control as her commitment to promoting health and safety. The effects of the traffic stress on human health due to long hours spent in traffic on daily basis is now alarming which demands swift attention from the government and individual road users. […]

Fire Emergency Preparedness

Five Things to do In a Fire Emergency. “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe” Preparedness is a sure way to safety.  We however, experience the opposite as panic overwhelms us in the case of an emergency. We should ALWAYS familiarize ourselves with “where we are” and be sure to […]

The link between proper training and its role in health and safety

Being able to identify and proactively participate in emerging trends in any business is a vital component for continued success and this is certainly the situation in reference to the field of Engineering. While each subset of Engineering will contain different emerging trends related to that specific field, the overarching trends that occur in all […]

Understanding the Difference Between API and ASME Pressure Safety Levels

Mixing American Petroleum Institute (API) pressure safety values with those from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) can create potential hazards. Especially during an overpressure event, it is imperative to understand the nuances and differences inherent in the two standards. While both standards address elements in pressure safety systems, the differences are sufficient to […]

4 Springtime Color Schemes to Try at Home

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